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How do you like the new place? I was feeling kind of cramped in the old, so a few months ago I started to slowly pack things up for the big move to I underestimated the amount of heavy lifting and schlepping, but the good new is today’s moving day!

Scrapbook fodder.

I only spent one half of one Saturday morning designing the old site (that’s not a lot of time)… and since my old condo board (I mean had all these crazy restrictions on what I could and couldn’t do with my own blog, plus there were about to press me for more maintenance fees – well, see Fig. A.

Figure A - 'Nuff said.

So I’m inviting you all over for coffee and cake at the new place immediately. Old bookmarks will still take you here, but if you follow along with me on an RSS feed, I hope you’ll update it to my new FeedBurner address. Just click here to add Laurel Street to your RSS reader du jour (I still use Google. They own me.)

There’s still a few boxes here and there, but the door is aways open – come on over!

As traditional as my home is, I think I could find a way to work one or two of these beauties into my front parlors. I love that they are at once modern but give a nod to the flourishes and embellishments of calligraphic script from the past (or a traditional fabric pattern – I can’t decide which is the influence here). Either way, I love them.

These stylish fireplaces are a product from a German company called Redwitz. These units are kinder to our environment than wood-burners as they only use bio-alcohol to add the romance of flame to a room. They don’t even need to be vented – just hang one on the wall.

Mazzetto blanco by Redwitz

Blanco Close-up

Mazzetto blanco

Mazzetto Nero

Nero Close-up

Mazzetto Rosso


And they also make a round fireplace which I also like very much:

Rondo by Redwitz

Bravo. Tip of the hat to Buzz-Beast.

And despite the fact that 1/3 of the way through the whole project I thought, “You know, somebody out there does this way better than you. Find that person!” I am actually happy with the pillows.

I had to take the picture quick - the dogs have already sprung a deep affection for sleeping on goose feathers.

I also learned a valuable sewing lesson. Do not combine plaid pillow construction with [variable] glasses of red wine. You need your wits about you.

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