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On the road to decor victory!

Posted on: January 22, 2010

Hey, I love the New Orleans Saints. And in honor of the playoff game this Saturday, I offer this decor to be burned on the altar of  – well, I don’t know. But it should be probably be burned, somewhere.

Ripped from the Times-Picayune headlines “Living the Who Dat dream in Destrehan

PHOTOS BY BRETT DUKE / THE TIMES-PICAYUNE James and Gina Scott show off their living-area tribute to the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints chair was a recent addition to the home, but the image of Reggie Bush with a real ball protruding from it was the accent piece that put Gina Scott on the road to decor victory.

Gina Scott says the football-shaped clock in the kitchen was a Christmas gift from her mother.

The upstairs bonus room holds spillover decorations, such as the yard ornaments that have been moved inside. The tree, however, stays up year round.

While I want our local team to get to the Superbowl (Geaux Saints!) I don’t want to encourage this decorating behavior. If you spot any of the above symptoms in the home of someone you know, there is a hotline: 1-800-WTF-OMG1.

It’s handy to have, just in case.

10 Responses to "On the road to decor victory!"

That hotline number is inspired! Very, very funny.

I bet some of that stuff was extremely expensive, too. Ugh.

I’m sure if I were a football fan, this would all be just lovely to me. Especially that helmet table.

Thanks for visiting The Hill.

Wow, that’s…interesting. You can’t deny their loyalty, that’s for sure!!

We have rabid fans like this Down Under too – & sadly most of them follow my Team! Not sure how I could incorporate Port Power’s Aqua, Black, White with a lightening bolt of Silver into living room here at The Hedge. Any thoughts?
Millie ^_^

My husband and I listened to the entire game on our way back home from our weekend getaway! Hubby is from Wisconsin so the whole Brett Favre drama kept us on the edge of our ‘car’ seats! We were thrilled that the Saints won – they deserve it! And thankfully, Hubby only requires a ratty old sweatshirt (two sizes too small) to show his football loyalty (to Green Bay). After reading about James and Gina, I feel quite fortunate. ; ) Trina

I am not the biggest football fall, but being from NY, I was really hoping the Jets would make it.

Now, I don’t care. LOL!

That being said, this is the worst decor for a home. That would be like me filling my living room with all Yankees paraphernalia.

Oh, wait. Can I do that? LOL!

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