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I know I do. And it all started with these glossy black doors:

Wow! These are beautiful!

Everybody loves this San Francisco house from Elle Decor – funny but one of the things I admired the most were the glossy black front doors. The hardware and center knobs are beautiful too… but that’s not what got me thinking about pulling out paintbrushes! The glossy black finish looked chic and sleek to me.

Loving the doors. And those picture frames, the consoles, the giant glass hurricanes... and...

There’s a lot to love in this room (I shamelessly pilfered this image from my blog cousin Millie at the Laurel Hedge) but the doors again caught my eye. I believe the image originates from Homehints.

Another fabulous black door.

Another find from Ness of Marley & Lockyer blog and store fame – what a tidy, trim entry. The Wellies make the photo for me – not to mention the black and brass on the front door.

From Better Homes and Gardens via Porchlight blog

Here’s a stunner with sidelights, all rendered in black. It’s from BHG via (my third Australian design blog in one post – wow!) via porchlight interiors. I want a real gardener to deliver those two urns that flank the door to the Laurel Street cottage.

I honestly can't remember where I swiped this image from - please let me know if it looks familiar to you.

Black doors from Joni Webb's Tanglewood client. That door looks wonderful with the black banister.

Joni from the ever amazing Cote de Texas blog talks about when she painted all of her interior doors black – and again where she did it for a client. After seeing this – I love the idea.

A lovely study from Patricia

The wonderful Patricia from pve design is the source of the handsome drawing above – it’s a bit amazing how Patricia’s drawings can inspire inspire us. Take a look at this wonderful post from The House that A-M Built.

Looking good on these French doors!

I think painting the pocket doors black is a pretty hot look. I might be run out of the house if I did this to ours, however.

Above two images from the wonderful Raenovate blog post on a before/after by designer John Willey on an upper East side renovation.

The Laurel Street brown varnished door. I think a serious sanding and high gloss black might do it a real favor. Probably need to rethink the old curtains a bit (they are necessary for basic privacy). And what is up with all those crazy light switches and old alarm system box? Hmm.

Now I just need to figure out how to make it happen. Anybody have any painting tips for me to get that black high-gloss look?

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