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Did someone say remnant sale?

Posted on: January 18, 2010

Someone did say it and I made out like a bandit, despite the whole needle/haystack situation – $7.00 a yard!

I’m glad I persevered sorting through a mountain of remnants, though I had to do a bit of  strategic misdirection against a couple of sexagenarian ladies that were eying my toile rather competitively. I’m totally kidding, but those girls did admire my choices a just little bit too forcefully. They wanted to know, “what are you planning to do with that fabric, young man?” I always get funny looks (and more) when I go in the fabric store.

Nevertheless, these three are going to be turned into something fun, very soon. On reflection, I probably should be flattered that those two ladies considered me “young.”

Face it - I'm more Southern Accents than Elle Decor. I know. But come on - who could resist these three when they are at a fire sale?

It was just a happy day altogether. Not only was it (nearly) short-sleeve weather again in New Orleans, but when I went to my frame shop they weren’t busy. The framers offered to cut the mats for my little Italian prints on the spot! This never happens. It was amazing.

Happiness is instant gratification.

Zip - up they go. They're pretty cute there, but I'm not sure this is their final resting place....

And just to end on a non-sequitor: Look at this happy little Ivy! I picked up some sheet moss to dress around the base and it gave it a nicer look for the living room.

8 Responses to "Did someone say remnant sale?"

You know, encountering the old ladies would have been the perfect opportunity to find out if they need that Pottery Barn task board thing. You could have learned the real truth about their BINGO card needs!

On another note… I have to say I am IN LOVE with your baseboards!!!! I live in one of those newer homes where character is missing. Think Paris Hilton of homes, no, not her, my home isn’t diseased and falling apart. Maybe, Brad Pitt… it looks good on face value, but when you get into the details, it’s lacking. So, I totally want your baseboards.

I’d be careful around the rinse and set crowd, young man. But I’m sure you know that already. They can be ferocious when it comes to toile.

That said, I think I might be a future rinse and setter myself, since I am quite eyeing that toile there. Lovely!

Remind me – I have a classic Dorignac’s grocery story to tell you that puts this one to shame, J.

Love a good fabric sale. Wish I was near a place that had such wonderful deals.

Remnant sale sounds like so much fun – and your fabrics are beautiful! And recently a sweet, lovely, my favorite salesperson (now) called me, “kiddo” and I swear I had a grin on my face the rest of the day! AND, just one more…LOVE it when the frame store cuts things on the spot. I’ll be running into a frame shop for some mat cutting tomorrow – wish me luck! xoTrina

Everything looks lovely…and I adore your tall windows!

“more Southern Accents than Elle Decor” I feel ya brother! I like your prints where they rest now, but if you say there is a better place, I’m all ears (eyes?)!

Leave those prints exactly where they are cousin, they have found their rightful place!
Millie ^_^

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