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You must love the little things in life

Posted on: January 16, 2010

I get inordinate pleasure from little things – often inexpensive – around the house.

My duvet is from Restoration Hardware (not inexpensive, but worth the price as it gets washed every week due to frequent canine traffic and comes out of the laundry beautifully wrinkle-free).

But I struggled with their Euro shams. I didn’t want them too ‘matchy matchy’ or made out of material that had to be dry cleaned (really, RH, that’s not going to work at all) and most of their shams were ridiculously overpriced.

Look at me wildly mixing stripes and paisley - I am a crazy man! Somebody stop me.

I loved these striped shams from (of all places) that only cost about 15.00 a piece. I think I got the last two – they’re no longer on the site. Kismet.

When I posted the gallery wall – I realized that my Chinese Evergreens that I keep tucked under my desk were looking pretty battle weary after three years. Happy houseplants are another one of my simple pleasures.

After three years of service, these two have earned an honorable discharge.

That's better. Good for another three years, I think.

A pretty copper watering can - my favorite Christmas gift. (Thanks Mom - it is perfect.)

Little plants on my chippy Creole pie safe

This is my spot. The combination of three simple things make me unbelievably happy.

But the thing I’m most pleased with today is that I finally have a nice spot in the house to read. For some reason I feel happy and peaceful in this spot by the front windows.

The wingback in the floral print was an inheritance – it’s calling (loudly) for a slipcover… but I don’t mind it terribly in the short term. Disregard empty frames behind the chair – I’m still trying to figure out the best place to hang the Italian prints.

I finally ordered that pharmacy lamp from that I had bookmarked for over two years so I can cozy up and read in the evening. The hand-painted garden stool is perfect for a cup of morning coffee or a glass of wine at night. The stool was $89.00 from – I think it’s amazing for that price.

Little things – I’m easy to please.

7 Responses to "You must love the little things in life"

Hi Nathan, It’s definitely the little things, I so agree. Your house is SO BEAUTIFUL. And I’m in love with your right-out-of-a-magazine gallery wall! All the pictures are gorgeous and look so perfect together. Will you come over and help me redo mine? ; ) Happy weekend! xo Trina

Mutual admiration society, Trina! You need no help from me – your home is pure poetry!

Does a magnum of champagne or an XL Makers Mark Manhattan count as a small thing? If so, those are my favorite small things. And after a couple of these small things, I don’t mind the other small things about my home that bother me. I like to think of it as better living through distilling.

ooo….funny, I was just thinking about pillow shams.
Mine are nice and all, but beige? silk!? (insane!)
Now they need to be tossed and I haven’t seen anything I like out there. Maybe your crazy man mix will inpsire me to be more adventurous.

Love love love that watering can!
Looks like you’ve inherited your mom’s good taste.

Your home is always so beautifully presented. I like how you are not too “matchy, matchy” – your style is very tasteful and authentic.

And that reading lamp was well worth the wait – a winning combination teamed with the chair and stool.

Big sighs over this lovely post Nate – your contentment at the enjoyment of the little things is gorgeous. I’m in agreement with your comment on the European pillow shams. We’ve had them for ages & MOTH gets really angsty that they flop down against the bedhead. His latest suggestion is to slide wire into the seams to hold them upright, yep that would work – NOT!
Millie ^_^

Wrinkle free – i need some of that!! x

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