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Buyer’s Remorse & Serial Decorating

Posted on: January 7, 2010

The Vamp had a great post up yesterday: Hits & Misses…. It got me thinking what worked around Laurel Street and what didn’t? Valorie and I both live in classic, but small, New Orleans houses… one square foot never felt so precious, every inch counts. She posed the question today – are you a serial decorator?

"Serial Mom" starring Kathleen Turner. Please tell me I am not the only one who remembers this movie.

Okay to the serial decorating, I might be guilty. And the recent misses of 2009? I missed big time on this one:

This clock. I mean, it's fine, it's fun, it was a good deal, it's well made, it's New Orleans-y.... I tried convincing myself on multiple levels.

But ultimately I could not convince myself that it didn’t look just a little bit cheap… honestly I have never bought such an overtly ornamental thing in my life. Why I didn’t I look around little longer?

This one is the perfect scale for the space and its design is more up my alley:

This is very handsome. At 20" x 13" it's a nice size and will be perfect for the narrow space in the bath. The other clock will find a nice (different) home. Perhaps on a farm somewhere.

This clock comes from Bronson Design. I’d come across them before online but neglected to bookmark their site. Then they followed me on twitter @BronsonDesign and I rediscovered a great site, deep with a wide variety of lighting and accessories.

I’m also loving these little clocks from Bronson Design – I could make a fun vignette with them:

Pedestal Clock in Antique Brass

Christopher Clock

Nice little lantern clock

You’d think with all these clocks around I’d never be late for anything. Well… I can’t talk anymore. I’m running late.

11 Responses to "Buyer’s Remorse & Serial Decorating"

Love this Nathan!
Thanks for sharing your faux pas, though nothing you do ever looks bad.
And thanks for the shout out!
xo xo

I freaking LOVED that movie!!!

Nate, that wouldn’t rate as a faux pas in my book. The other clocks are nicer though.

oh, you’re not the only one who remembers that movie…by a long shot :)

But I love that first clock especially….classic, but stretched a bit to give it some interest.

You crack me up. I’m sure the old clock will enjoy its new life, running free on a farm somewhere.

I’m in love with that first clock from Bronson Design. I think that would be perfect!

Oh come on! I think we all make mistakes, and thats what makes decorating fun (if we all got it right the first time then what would we shop for?)

I once painted a room such a bright shade of blue it can only be called neon (the whole room, it glowed). Sunglasses were required to enter.

I’m a serial decorator, I am…is there a cure?! I LOVE the first clock, LOVE IT! And ‘the farm’ is too funny…I have lots of items to go off to ‘the farm.’ And there’s a slight chance I even picked up something yesterday that may end up at the farm. It didn’t even occur to me until I started loading it into the car and began to wonder out loud, “who bought this?” xoxoTrina

serial mom is the best!! i need to rent it again!

Thanks for sharing that link bronsondesign…I must check them out~

After seeing KT on Californication the other night I can’t help but ask myself ‘What the heck happened to Serial Mom?!’. I think you are being too harsh on yourself Nate, I think your score so far would be HITS 509 MISSES 0.5.
Millie ^_^

Totally understand serial decorating and buyer’s remorse — thank God for ebay. And ahem, I live on a farm and my clocks look like the ones from Bronson Design.
First visit to your beautiful blog.

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