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I will shop for things I only think I need if left to my own devices…

Posted on: January 3, 2010

But I will offer them here for you just in case you actually need them!

One of you out there needs this chair. Great lines and less than $99.00!

I want but do not need. Well priced at $349.00 from (this site is a recent discovery)

If you cannot sleep at night because you haven't found the perfect golden bamboo etagere here it is from a ridiculously named site called

If you are still forlorn after to loss of Domino Mag (I'm really not mourning, sorry. But don't get me going on the loss of Southern Accents - I feel like pulling a Roger & Me on that publisher let me tell you - to the barricades!) Anyway, you can install one of these Zebra printed cowhides at a good price. I'm not endorsing it, mind you. Just saying, here it is.

The thing that still eludes me is a genuinely beautiful pharmacy lamp – preferably in bronze or even antique brass (is shiny brass making a comeback? I’m not sure I’m ready for it again, just yet.)

This is exactly the style I want – and it’s available from a New York retailer. They keep it in stock – I’ve had it bookmarked for at least two years.

Wouldn't you just think you could find this in a hundred varieties on the Web? Not so much. I love this and really, actually, truly need a reading lamp. This one is a classic in my book.

I know (in my mind) that $270 is reasonable for a lamp I will love for 30 years, but it just seems like there should be better priced version out there. If it’s out there – I can’t find it. But hey, I had quite a little safari while I was out looking for it.


Lindsey at the fab Better After Blog featured little old Laurel Street today – both the famous Whole Room Redux: Spare Bedroom to Study post as well as the el cheapo kitchen fixes! Thanks Lindsey! If you love before & afters like I do, you’ll love reading the Better After blog every day. Always fun!

4 Responses to "I will shop for things I only think I need if left to my own devices…"

Nathan, how could you??? And just when I resolved to NOT buy another thing until I get rid of all my excess inventory that will now have to live with me at home! And it’s only Jan. 4th! I can see “doomed” in my future. Happy New Year to you and Laurel Street.

I love that painted cowhide!
I’ve long lusted after a real zebra rug, but you know….even the cowhides at Ikea gave me pause.

Is it from mermaid hut too? (sounds like a really freaky fast food place)

The loss of Southern Accents was surreal…Domino, I never understood the rabid fans!

Thanks for stopping by La Maison Fou ………..

appreciate the stop & comment!


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