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Dear Homies, please stand as I call your name

Posted on: December 23, 2009

I’m having a big time this morning thinking about some of my favorite shelter blogs and why each inspires me. I’m happy to support these talented folks for a 2009 Homie Award from Apartment Therapy. Each has provided me with so much reward throughout the year. If you haven’t visited them before, please do! Each one is a treat in it’s own way:

I'd like to share this fortune with each of my homies - may it also be yours in 2010. It came to me (along with a Peking Duck) Monday night. I laughed out loud (Richard rolled his eyes).


13 Responses to "Dear Homies, please stand as I call your name"

WOW, thanks so much for nominating HoT, and for your comments on the Homies website! It means a lot to hear my blog inspires you! You’ve chosen so many of my favorite blogs too, it’s great to be included with them!

That fortune is too funny! :)

ahem. you know i voted for you.
xo xo

I saw you did that – I voted for you too ;-)

Hi Nate,
Thank you so much for thinking of me – I’m completely honored by your vote! I was also very touched by your comments on the Homie web site. You are absolutely too kind and I’m very flattered to be included in such esteemed company. AND can’t wait to explore all those wonderful blogs – what a treasure trove of inspiration! Happy Holidays! xoTrina

Hi Nate
Just found you through Trina – can’t wait to watch the progress – it’s what we do !

That fortune cookie can’t be real. Too funny!

Merry Christmas!


I just found your blog via A Country Farmhouse. I knew you must have impeccable taste if you love Trina’s blog.

I came over to vote for her and wound up staying and reading all of your posts. What a beautiful home you have. I love your writing style and I’m adding you to my daily fix list.

Merry Christmas


You’re the best ever! Thanks the vote link above!

Aw, you’re making me blush! You are too, too kind! I am truly honored and can’t thank you enough. Hope you had a wonderful holiday! xoxo

Hi Nate! Now that is some good blogs…smile~

That fortune is a riot! If I had received it I would’ve thought it was a plant. Very funny.

thank you so much! I’ve been unplugged and just tried to go vote for you, but it looks like I’ve missed it. Boo! oh well, you’re my homie in my heart :)

Hope you have something planned for New Years! Happy Happy!

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