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Great New Online Source for Ready-Made Frames

Posted on: December 18, 2009

I couldn’t be happier with these new frames – I’m so glad to find a new online source with real variety of profiles, styles and non-stock sizes.

The frames below have a handsome green finish with edges picked out in gold. Nice bevel and dimensionality and available in an unusual 14″ x 18″ size. Or 15″ x 18″ or 13″ x 19″ if I wanted… almost custom framing flexibility! I had my choice of this green, red, black or a nice navy blue…. and that was just for this one profile type. The seller has many many more to choose from.

The best part? These frames only cost me $13.99 a piece. I mean, that is a steal.

So handsome. I would've never guess they were ready-mades. Yes that's Ella (our Boxer) in the Northeast corner of the pic - she's debating whether she wants to go out in the wet backyard.

Of course, I’ll need to get mats cut for the little prints that will go inside these frames, but I just thought I’d share a sneak peek and the online source. The Rusty Roof is an Amazon seller that I’m sure I’ll be visiting again. I think they are fairly new to the scene because I’m constantly hunting online sources and hadn’t come across them until last week. Some other profiles:

This is very nice - I'm sure I'll find a use for this one in the future.

They have this simple profile in a wide variety of lightly distressed colors. And hey - turquoise is the Pantone color of the year, right?

Another great profile - these don't look ready-made to me!

Mod/Urban - I'm pretty sure I could put this to use somewhere.

One of the more handsome gold profiles I've seen online. I actually used this same profile in a small custom frame once - it cost 5-6 times what it does on Amazon!

6 Responses to "Great New Online Source for Ready-Made Frames"

You have the BEST online frame shops! I remember a post you did a while back and I’ve been wanting to copycat you!!!

Nice choice of frame – those prints you picked up on your travels will look beautiful.

Love the turqoise one! And I feel for Ella, I’m debating if I want to go outside too!

I am saving this in my favorites, what a great source!

oh great find. Thank you so much! Frames can quickly get outrageous, especially when planning the gallery wall!

Thanks for sharing this source! Off to check them out.

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