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Finishing touches for the master bath

Posted on: December 17, 2009

I am getting close to the finish line on updating the main bathroom

My Saturday Christmas shopping was moved online as New Orleans was blanketed with rainstorms throughout the weekend. I had hoped to find a new, larger clock for the bath. I tried oversized round, but the tiny space wouldn’t accommodate anything wider than 18.” But this kid hopped in my browser at a good price from Tall rather than round, I think it works!

Dodgy iPhone Photo but you get the idea. Tall rather than round. For $50 I'm very pleased.

A nice ornamental 'New Orleans-y' shape that looked well made online. The curves help balance out the stiff lines of the shelving...

I managed to sneak away during lunch yesterday and made my way to the ever-wonderful Perch.home. on Magazine Street. Valorie of Visual Vamp fame mentioned she had a few Venetian mirrors in stock and at a great price. I did admire this one:

A shapely Venetian mirror from Perch New Orleans - I mean, just beautiful.

However, I think we need a little more practical mirror surface area since we’ll be shaving in it each morning. Sigh. But I did manage to find this one from Wisteria – and on sale! It’s taller and wider, if not as shapely as the one from Perch.

This should fit over the flat builder mirror perfectly. I think the overall shape is pretty, and the rectangular shape will work better in the tall, tight space.

But I’ll have to contain my excitement until January since it turned out to be on back-order. That gives me plenty of time to figure out how to hang a mirror OVER a mirror. Maybe with a chain covered with ribbon? Hmmm.

Today, special congratulations to all of our shelter blog friends who made the UK’s Times Online “Top 50” design blogs for 2009. Oliveaux, Brooklyn Limestone, Coco & Kelley and Desire to Inspire. I was so tickled to see a few of my ‘Dutiful, Daily Reads’ selected for the honor.

And how about Megan at BeachBungalow8? She and the bungalow made the cover of the New York Times National Section today. Congratulations!


5 Responses to "Finishing touches for the master bath"

oooo…I do love that Venetian mirror!

Loving the mirror from Wisteria! If you hadn’t found it though, I was going to say through practicality to the win and go with the other one!

Your master bath is really coming along! Want to come do mine? I’m LOST when it comes to decorating bathrooms!

I was feeling so inspired by your last two posts that I named you today’s recipient of an ornament in my ornament exchange! It’s actually a set, and they are tinted black… Thought they were cute!

ooohh, the mirrors! Stunning!

{I found you by way of SYL! I love your blog!}

I am completely enamored with that first mirror. SWOON!

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