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Needing something Classical in my corner

Posted on: November 17, 2009

Okay, okay. The slipcover thing for the headboard didn’t work out. My angst is misplaced. The headboard is not my favorite in the world but can make do until I find something antique.

But there is something in the bedroom that has been bugging me for a long time. I just realized this morning, the corners of the room seem abandoned. I remembered seeing a wonderful “broken capital” pedestal on Joni’s Cote de Texas blog once. Maybe if I can source a column and a neo-classical bust, my corner would feel more complete.

The classic broken column. What I'm wanting today.

Via Cote de Texas. The classic broken column. What I'm wanting today.

Now for something fun to go on top. I’m off to the races to check blog buddies for ideas. I found a lot of busts and other classical details – here’s a round-up:

Via Cote de Texas. Joni had a lot of good ideas about statuary in a recent Skirted Roundtable podcast.

This room via Cote de Texas really has some WOW. Note the bust, enfilade.

Another find from Joni - loving the black velvet table skirt.

Above images were shamelessly stolen from Cote de Texas

A handsome pair of hall sentries from Euro Antiques Market blog.

Above image was liberated from Euro Antiques Market

From Mary at Devon Designs - the Across the Pond blog (who should patent her decorative paint techniques for furniture - I've learned a lot from her)

Above image purloined from  Mary – Across the Pond

A weathered find from My Notting Hill

Above image was scandalously snagged from My Notting Hill

From a room by Shelia Bridges via So Haute

Above image was pilfered from So Haute!

Love this gold-tone bust. A find from KatieDid.

Image five finger discount via Katiedid

I like this fellow perched up high on Lauren's bookcase - from Pure Style Home. She saw a potential gem and gave this piece a fantastic aged finish.

Above image was filched without remorse from Lauren at Pure Style Home

I'm hoping this girl is still waiting for me at Perch New Orleans. She's too small for what I'm looking for but I bet I could find a home for her elsewhere in the house.

Image petty theft from Perch New Orleans!

Valorie has featured her in a variety of vignettes at Perch. This little staute works anywhere.

Above image was rapaciously misappropriated from the Perch blog

And finally – if anybody has any ideas for me to source the ‘broken column’ pedestal, please let me know!

8 Responses to "Needing something Classical in my corner"

I searched high and low for a little female bust for a while and just recently found one covered in moss. So lovely!

Ah…I’ve always wanted a bust too. (wait, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it?)
Last time I was at the museum, I walked around the antiquities as if shopping. It made it that much more fun.

Thanks for the shout out!
And the little vintage lady awaits you.
Come and see me at the shop.
xo xo

Hey, I love your blog!

Re a classical column, have you thought about garden supply stores? It may need some refinishing, but that might be fun.

Hi Lisa – thanks for the note! I’ll try the garden shops, for sure!

Why haven’t I been reading every single post on your blog? Because you weren’t on my blogroll – big omission – you are on there now!

I feel like I have found a little jewel in the blogosphere.

Holly – what a nice comment. You made my day!

Correction – omission makes it sound like you weren’t on there on purpose – it was simply ignorance on my part!

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