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Found at Flea!

Posted on: October 25, 2009

A bit dinged but with a little touch-up here and there, they just might work as the bedside tables I’m been scouting. Unless someone around here talks me out of it, I think I’m going back for them today. They’re well priced at $99 a piece – I couldn’t buy a single new table for $198, total. And it was a total accident that I stumbled across them.

I was out on River Road yesterday looking for Antiques & Wholesale Furnishings when I overshot my target. The first spot I found to pull off the road and turn around turned out to be a flea market that I didn’t know existed. After my last round of scouting left me more flea-bitten than anything, I had low expectations. I deliberated even getting out of the car. So what a surprise when this pair of twins appeared amidst a broken jukebox and a menagerie of dusty bibelots.

Not antique - but close enough.

Not antique - but close enough.

I didn’t buy them on the spot as I was in the car and thought I might find something even better at the wholesale place (that was having a sale of 50% off all warehouse stock). But there really wasn’t anything there to speak of, so I took a leisurely drive back up River Road homeward.

Near the Riverbend, the car started loosing power and I was able (miraculously) to swing the car off the busy two lane road onto a side street. Even more miraculously, Richard just purchased AAA for us both this week when he went to get his international driver’s license.

Strangely, the car died only three blocks from our mechanic, but still had to get it towed – it took an hour and a half to have the car moved three blocks. I was done for the day… but I still can’t get the tables off my mind.

Granted there is most like a federal-deficit sized bill coming for whatever Saab part has to be flown across international waters to resuscitate the car and Italy trip is looming, but I think the tables are too good of a deal to pass up. I’m off now – don’t tell Richard.


These things work miracles!

These things work miracles!

And there we go.

And there we go.

6 Responses to "Found at Flea!"

Very nice! I love that veneer work.

I was on River Road just a few hours ago in fact.
I think I may just invest in some of those markers myself.

There is a funny episode of Frasier where the Dad (Martin) and the two boys discover a secret, shared love of watching the “Antiques Road Show” on PBS which they manage to turn into a drinking game whenever anyone on the show says “Veneer!”

… veneer!

taking a sip now :)

GORGEOUS!!! What a fabulous find!!!

You did good, real good Nate & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Isn’t the Antiques Roadshow a hoot, we get it here & it constantly reminds me why Australia needs to become a Republic ASAP – we are still a child of the dithering British Empire.
Millie ^_^

“not antique but close enough” is the story of my life.

and I LOVE Frasier!

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