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Source Perrier is Dead. Long Live Source Collection!

Posted on: August 7, 2009

I was so upset when I realized Source Perrier was closing its (online and catalog) doors. I loved their model. They presented fully staged ‘rooms’ to showcase their collections of fine furnishings and accessories. It was a catalog I kept around like it was a shelter mag.

I regretted that I never ordered a pair of beautiful cut glass hurricanes for my mantel (well priced at $80) and hefty silver candlesticks (and hand painted candle shades) I had long admired. I just assumed they would always be there for me to order when the time was right.

And of course, I was even MORE upset when I realized I missed a few emails advertising their clearance sales – it was pretty slim picking by the time I got to their Web site.

I went through the seven stages of grieving and moved on. So I was super surprised while waiting on the elevator this morning, checking my email on my gadget, when I got an email for a ‘sneak peek’ of a new Web site called The Source Collection!

Here I am at my desk now, admiring those handsome rooms, and wonderful accessories once more.

Source Collection Highland Library

Source Collection Highland Library

I know the dashing TartanScot will be pleased to see the above room.

I always admired the paint treatment in this room

I always admired the paint treatment in this room

I can order those candlesticks! Yay – I didn’t miss the boat completely!

These are going in my shopping cart right now!

This is going in my shopping cart right now! They're super flexible. You can lift off the center candle top and add or remove the extra arms. Love it.

Not all of my favorite items have reappeared however (no hurricanes, shoot!) their stock is definitely not what it used to be… but I’m hoping more good things will happen in time.

So today for lovely Julia at Hooked on Houses – I’m hooked on a friend I thought I had lost – the Source Collection.

6 Responses to "Source Perrier is Dead. Long Live Source Collection!"

I’m so glad to know about this! The Source Collection is news to me. Thanks!! I have to check that out.

I can’t see any difference . . . did they just re-brand the site? I was delighted as well with the email this morning . . . and now I can buy more glassware – lol.

I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!


The walls in that dining room do it for me. Looks like a million dollar room.

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