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"Comeback - I HATE that word. It's a RETURN" -- Norma Desmond, Sunset Boulevard

"Comeback?!? I hate that word. It's a return, a return to the millions of people who have never forgiven me for deserting the screen." -- Norma Desmond, Sunset Boulevard

Okay – less than, what, three days after I said I wouldn’t post for a while, here I am, posting for a while. Talk about will power!

And I guess I can’t completely stay out of the kitchen either. Here are some pics I snapped at our weekly Saturday morning sojourn to the Crescent City Farmers Market. The dinner menu: grilled jumbo lump crab cakes, eggplant pancakes, a creole & heirloom tomato salad, plus a peach cobbler.


Once a blogger, always a blogger I guess.

Let’s Call it a Tour of Duty.

Loyal Friends, I’m on a deadline. Not just any deadline… but one of those looming guillotine kind of deadlines.

I’ve thought a bit about this post, and a bit about my past.

Once asked by a co-worker, “Are you a blogger?” I responded, “I was a blogger before blogging was cool.”

And in a surprising show of zinginess my intern shot over a cubicle, “Blogging was never cool!”

To which I said, “HAHA HAAA HAA…

…You’re Fired.”

OK – Kidding! I actually appreciate a well timed ‘zinger!” But the substance was  true. I was a blogger when blogger was still called Pyra Labs, ahem… in the 90’s. One of my first employees made his MSM appearance in the first New York Times article that ever described a ‘blog.’

Jonno went on to go ‘pro’ with Gawker, but I let my original blog become a ‘ghost ship’ while I went on to start-up a few interactive agencies around town.

Which brings me to today. I have been LOVING my new blog – and especially the online company I keep – but for the next few months, I’ve got work on my mind, almost exclusively.

My New Years resolution to cook every night has been clipped as well (I’m not home early enough to cook for a while). And I’m not taking on home projects each weekend like I did before.

So. I’ve got about two months to get through – well let’s say – the soul challenging deadline. But it’s a very important project. For me, and for New Orleans. It deserves my full attention.

I’ve thought about this post for quite a while and knew it had to be done – I wouldn’t want anyone to think LaurelStreet is one of the “Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest.” I’ll be back, in a bit.

In the meantime, I’d like to direct your attention to my two NOLA blog buddies who far surpass me in wit, depth and style: the inimitable Valorie (hey neighbor!) who IS the Visual Vamp and the (too) talented Mitchell Setton from Optimism and While Paint fame.

See you after the jump!


P.S. I’ll still be tweeting by usual brand of snarkiness – come and follow along with LaurelStreet on Twitter!

Shirley, aka EdenMaker

Shirley, aka ""EdenMaker""

Apparently I’ve been missing a wonderful garden designer named Shirley Bovshow! I just stumbled across a stunning before & after post on her blog EdenMakers for often under-utilized spaces,  narrow side yards.

I’ve been longing to have a shady, peaceful walk down the fenced side of the house since the day we moved in. I imagine  lots of ferns, hostas, ivy, some climbing hydrangea… all surrounding a tidy path of flagstones. I’m wanting a little water feature perhaps, plus low landscape lighting.

This would be my dog-free garden where I could walk at night and not have to worry about, well, the fact that dogs had been in there. You know, doing that thing that dogs do. I love to walk around when I’m brainstorming or just have something on my mind. My long side yard has some potential… but right now, it’s a wreck!

The previous owners made an unfortunate choice for the area. Apparently frustrated by weeding and maintenance, they had a truckload of red, volcanic landscape rock ( <- yes, it’s actually that color) dumped and spread over landscape cloth along the entire length of the house. It’s still there. I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike before I hauled it all off, one wheelbarrow load at a time.

I think I found some inspiration today with this post from the EdenMakers blog. Take a look at these two pics, but do follow through to her site and enjoy the entire post. It’s a beautiful garden.

The Before Shot

The Before Shot

Wow - what an after shot.

Wow - what an after shot.

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