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Tile options for a kitchen backsplash

Posted on: April 30, 2009

First of all, I want to thank everybody who talked me down from painting the kitchen floors black (or any other color)! Your feedback was thoughtful and really helped me get some much needed objectivity. I’m looking at them differently now – and learning to love them for what they are. And TartanScot really said the magic words – clean up! I actually do keep livestock in the kitchen (see below) and the last thing I need is having my floors betray my secret.

Here's the livestock!

The aforementioned livestock: Ella, Louis & Sister.

So thank you TartanScot, Melissa, Camila, Toad, Jennifer and Linderhof – good advice from great folks.

I feel like I should apologize for the paucity of posts lately. I’ve been in decision making mode on two final details of the ‘how cheap can I update the kitchen?’ series (rather than actually doing stuff). These things are a tile backsplash and new countertops. Today I’ve got tile on my mind. As a refresher – the blacksplash would go here:

I adore you...

Formica backsplash would be removed and tiles would stretch to the upper cabinets and behind the stove.

Ok. Much better. Keep an eye on that would ya?

We'd do the same on between these cabinets as well.

Want to look at some tile options with me? Here we go!

When I first started thinking about glass tile, I began with dark grey. I wanted the kitchen look to be more modern and I thought this would add some drama underneath the pale gray cabinets. But I've been second guessing this the more and more I look around.

When I first started thinking about glass tile, I began with dark grey. I wanted the kitchen look to be even more modern and I thought this would add some drama underneath the pale gray cabinets. Maybe help them look like they were, I don't know, something to actually look at. But I've been second-guessing this the more and more I look around.

This is not my shower. However it's a pretty good picture of this shimmery opalescent glass tile called Peal Moonlight. Like it?

This is not my shower. Nor my multi-function scrubbing device. However it's a pretty good picture of this shimmery opalescent glass tile called Pearl Moonlight. Like it for a backsplash?

Pale, surf colored grass subway tile... that's pretty 'now' isn't it?

Pale, surf colored grass subway tile... that's pretty 'now' isn't it?

Here's a wild card. The blues and the grays are nice and the 'bricks and sticks' tile pattern is interesting.

Here's a wild card. The blues and the grays in these glass tiles are nice and the 'bricks and sticks' tile pattern is interesting. This may be too old fashioned? Or would it be a surprise? I can't tell yet.

Another wildcard. I'm liking this because it has gray and some earth colors in case I go with butcher block on the counters. Too weird?

Another wild card in glass 'brick and sticks.' I'm liking this because it has my first instinct of dark gray but is broken up with earthy colors )in case I go with butcher block on the counters). Too weird?

Help a fellow out. What do you think? For Julia at the fab Friday blog party, I’m hooked on a new backsplash.

P.S. I’d be remiss without another note of thanks to Toad who nominated me for a fab blog award. That’s pretty good coming from a blog like his. Read it every day. Look for my nominations soon!


16 Responses to "Tile options for a kitchen backsplash"

Glass tiles…me likey, me likey!!!

Nate, I love the “look” of the dark gray (how could I NOT??) but…………be sure if you select these that water spots don’t show up. Every time water hits tile, it leaves a little behind. I found this out from the pool man who was scrubbing my time with a pumice stone to get rid fo the stuff encrusted on there. Yikes!
Of course I love the pale green – takes me away, as they say.
Let us know what you decide!!

Actually, I meant he was cleaning my “tile” – sounded like he was cleaning my clock instead (hahaha).

Because inquiring minds want to know…I like the sea colored subway tiles, because well, I just like subway tiles. BUT, I also really like the brick and sticks one. I think the colors are lovely, but masculine AND they’ll work with your stainless appliances but also bring out the yummy chocolateness of the wood floors. How’s THAT for specific? : )

Oh, no. Every picture you showed, I loved and thought, “That’s the one!” I’m not going to be any help. They all looked good to me.

This probably explains why I still haven’t chosen the tile for my kitchen, either…5 1/2 years after moving in. Ha.

Whatever you choose, I can’t wait to see the results! -Julia :-)

Hi there, that green glass tile? I have it in my kitchen. I love love love it. You can see it here…

It’s like having jewelry in your home. And I do believe subway tile is classic. The glass just updates it. I’m not worried at all that it’s going to go out of style. Anyway, that’s my vote!

I’m glad you didn’t paint your floors black:)

I like the pale green subway tile.

I would go with the tiles in the very last picture, the “bricks and sticks”. As you mentioned, it has the gray you were originally considering, but the other colours will keep everything from being too monochromatic.

Have you seen Icestix glass tiles?? They come in 12 colours and are made from recycled glass:

They look cool installed vertically as opposed to horizontally.

Good luck with your tile selection :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

The pale green subway tiles would be my first choice, with the ‘bricks and sticks’ running a close second.

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You have such a great eye. I’m voting for “bricks and sticks,” although with some reluctance as the green tile is gorgeous when installed. (We briefly flirted with it at 1059 Noe before capitulating to my love of all things Carerra marble.) I just worry that the green, when paired with the gray cabinets, will look too cold – and I don’t think the combo will translate well with butcher block. The bricks and sticks will bring some warmth to your kitchen palette and the odd shapes will add some fun texture to those walls. But let’s talk countertops too, shall we?


hmmm lots of great choices! if you’re on the fence about countertops too, it might be nice to see tile-counter combos. or maybe it’d be easier to choose the tile you can’t live without and go from there on the counters.

this from a girl who has chosen white ceramic subway tile and mini-hex for every project …

I sure love your blog. Your home is so charming and the gray slab cabinets are great! A backsplash would definitely finish off the space. My vote is the bricks and sticks. We actually just installed this tile:

in our showroom on Magazine Street. Good luck with your decision!

Have you considered a tile mural backsplash for behind your stove. see the above url for lots of pictures and ideas

Surf colored grass subway tile looking very beautiful…its really fantastic…your color choice are also good…. its a very helpful blog post ..
Thanks to you.

Thought you might like to see pic’s of my friend’s kitchen. It has light cabinets with a dark/black subway tile.

It looks great and I never would have thought to use a dark tile instead of the traditional white subway tile. You can see pic’s of the kitchen at her cottage rental listing if you like. The rest of the house pic’s are shown as well – she was my college roomie and majored in interior design – she has a flair. Here is the link if you wish to see the kitchen

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