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Posted on: April 29, 2009

Cuisine at Home - A Serial Cookbook

Cuisine at Home - A Serial Cookbook. Don't let the too cute by half look of this pub deceive you. It's top drawer.

So I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen now that we have the new stove. However I’m lately  hamstrung by having my car in the shop for the past five weeks – without it to zip to the store for the occasional item, I’ve had to make comprehensive menu plans and do the week’s shopping in one complete pass. This is not easy for me. However, something arrived in my mailbox Saturday morning that made this week’s menu plan a breeze – a free sample edition of a cooking magazine I had never heard of – Cuisine at Home.

At first I almost threw this magazine away – the graphic design is completely unfortunate. It looks so similar to that awful Almost Homemade magazine by Sandra Lee that I just assumed it was filled with muffin recipes that begin with: “First, buy some muffins…”

But Richard flipped through and started enthusiastically calling out dishes (there are no ads in this magazine by the way – only recipes) which all sounded solid enough… But I didn’t realize how good these recipes were untill I started making them.

Sunday afternoon was quickly draining away from me and I needed an entire week’s menu ASAP.  I picked out six dinners all from the magazine and have made two so far. Both were delicious – and more importantly taught me new things about cooking!

Ahh. A NY Strip...

Ahh. A New York Strip... Leftover Dauphinois Potatoes from Anthony Bourdin on the side... This dinner was, ahem, rich (to say the least). This shot was taken before it was doused with Béarnaise sauce.

Monday night: New York Strips with Béarnaise and a side of creamy, parmesan spinach. This is a meal we’ve made a hundred times, but Cuisine at Home offered it with a new technique – borrowed straight ‘from the world’s best steakhouses’. Sear one side of the steaks (enlivened with crushed peppercorns), flip them and send them in your oven-proof skillet to finish off in the oven. Now your hands are free to focus on a side dish (or in my case a glass of nice wine). The steaks were perfect – and lived up to the ‘just like an expensive steakhouse’ claim. We will do this again and again.

Tuesday night’s meal sounded humbler in comparison – Salisbury steaks in a French Onion Sauce. I have to agree with the magazine’s assessment: this dish has gotten a terrible rap from the frozen food industry over the years (and I might add college cafeterias, as well!) But you must trust me on this – the editors have remade this dinner to be fresh and full of new flavors. A fast French Onion soup creates a wonderful simmering sauce that deepens the flavors of this dish. I followed the editors excellent suggestion to serve these wonderful pan steaks over (get this) cheese toast.

Starting the Soup Base

Starting the Soup Base

But what a cheese toast! Fresh french baguette, sliced diagonally, slathered in melted butter (with a good pinch of paprika and a minced garlic clove stirred in) and then topped with grated gruyere and a bit of parmesan. I thought I had dinner bread down pat – but this treatment pretty much smoked by best efforts from the past.

So, this little magazine whose cover looked a little too cutsie-pie almost got away from me. [Insert well worn aphorism here.] It’s cusine for sure – and I’m a happy new sucker… I mean subscriber!

2 Responses to "Cuisine at Home Magazine"

You are making me hungry – when does your kitchen open for reservations? Oh, you mean I need a subscription? To the magazine? How about I subscribe to dinner at your house?

Don’t worry Nathan. Despite having volumes of lovely, trendy, sumptuous. expensive cookbooks on my kitchen shelf, I still reach more often or not for the Womens Weekly Cooking Class Series Vol 1. which I bought as a new bride in 1977! Great food each & every time – so we really can’t judge a book by it’s cover (or graphics!).
Millie ^_^

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