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There is something I haven’t been telling you

Posted on: April 12, 2009

I have a red bathtub.

I have a giant, red bathtub.

When we first toured the house back when it was on the market, my realtor and I turned the corner into the main bathroom – we both stopped, dumb-struck:

“Well, that’s a conversation piece!” I said.

Indeed, the presence of the giant, red, bathtub has never failed to elicit a reaction from even the most casual of visitors to our home ever since.

I’ve tried to rationalize its presence: “It’s an antique.” I suppose so, but I still don’t want it. Consider this is also an antique:

Merklen Victorian Chair

Merklen Victorian Chair

See what I mean? So that brings me to today. Who wants a red bathtub? Anyone? For free? Any takers? …Bueller?

Hmm. I didn’t think so. I tinkered with it a bit. I cut off the water to the house and attempted to disconnect ‘the conversation piece’ from the main plumbing but I chickened out. There is quite a lot of DIY that I’m willing to take on but plumbing is (and rightfully should be) way over my head.

I really do want this thing gone – am I wrong to feel this way? I feel a little guilty about it. But it is eating up valuable floor in the cottage – and I have fun plans for the space. I can get a plumber to disconnect it, but they’re not going to haul it off to the Preservation Resource Center architectural salvage store for me. I can’t even lift one end of it a millimeter off the floor. Besides, as far as I can tell, it appears the original house was actually built around it. I can see no clear path of escape – other than straight up through a hole in the roof. A crane might be involved.

I wonder if Home Depot rents cranes. In the meantime, the conversation continues.

6 Responses to "There is something I haven’t been telling you"

I say throw a marble slab over top of it, skirt around it with whatever pleases you – fabric, bamboo poles, plexiglass fronted boxing to fill with jellybeans or rice or coffee beans, or even boxwoods!
There is a place out on River Road that will refinish tubs – maybe they can do it “in place” or do you just want to dump the whole thing and use the space for some great new project? Maybe the Easter Bunny left if there a long time ago……
Happy Holiday

what about having it reglazed? I think they can do it on site.

Thank god I live so far away, and don’t have a crane, and ……..

that’s such a beautiful tub! how could u want to get rid of it? if only i had a place of my own, i’d snatch it up in a damn second! good luck though.

[…] Despite the rain (is that a fish in the lower right hand corner?) & the clouds, these cats look like they’re having fun. Look, one is smiling, & a bright red polka-dot umbrella keeps them safe! The watermelon rainbow lands with the sun at the tob of their red bathtub – a rainbow good enough to eat. I’ve never seen a red bathtub, but I sure want one for my own now. Jealousy! […]

I love this tub too! I found this post when I googled “red tub” & couldn’t believe one actually existed. Want to ship it to NYC? :)

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