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Meet my new best friend!

Posted on: April 3, 2009

Please give a warm welcome to the Electrolux 30” Free-Standing Gas Wave-Touch™ Range

Please give a warm welcome to the Electrolux 30” Free-Standing Gas Wave-Touch™ Range

This beauty is winging it’s way toward Laurel Street as we speak. Yay for tax refunds! The 1984 O’keefe and Merrit stove is rather bitter about this new development (seeing as I went and kicked it about 6 times in a row and told it that it was “Outta Here!”) No lie.

Cookies anyone? Walnut tart? Madeleines? I think I have a stove now that does not require one solid hour to pre-heat (usually I had to call Richard from the grocery store and tell him to “turn it on” and “yes, I know it’s 4:00 in the afternoon” ) and can actually stick to a temperature – rather than wavering in an 80 degree range of it’s setting depending on it’s mood. Don’t even get me started on the burners – those knobs have more give than a hammock in June. I have no idea what “wave-touch” technology is but I’m sure I’ll like it.

While I had wanted the ICON version of the stove, they don’t make them anymore (or a least they can’t be delivered to my zip code) but I’m not complaining. A campfire would be a step in the right direction from where I currently cook. So… Bliss! Joy! Double chocolate brownies for everyone.

7 Responses to "Meet my new best friend!"

Weeeeeeeell, aren’t you a lucky fellah? Congrats! Now make me some madeleines! ; )

How exciting. Can’t wait to see what’s cooking in your new oven. Thanks so much for the tip on how to tenderize steaks with kosher salt. Love your blog – especially your recipes!

Oh I’m loving that little baby Nathan! A fab cook like you deserves the best. I’m about to take to my shocker with an axe as part of our kitchen renovations. It’s a Fisher & Paykel which we inherited with the house & all functions are broken except Burn it to a Crisp! What really worries me though is that in my past life I used to work in an ICU where all the patient ventilators were that same brand – ooch!
Millie ^_^

ooohhh congratulations!! I was just lusting over one of these on Saturday morning.

I am ready for those brownies!
I investigated replacing my electric Jenn-Air (which is complete with smoke alarms, automatic fire-generated sprinkler system, and 911 direct to the nearest fire-station) with a gas stove. Guess what?? I can have one if:
1. they jack-hammer out my brick floor and slab
2. the put a post or column in my lovely kitchen that would descend from the 10′ ceiling right into the island
3. they demolish the mexican tile top of the island because the stovetop I have is too large and they don’t make them that big any more so the top has be be replaced AND,
4. I put a HUGE over-the-island vent/hurricane fan/canopy

Guess I will just cook outdoors or use the Coleman Stove instead.

Please tell me yours is wonderful and delightful and that you are inviting us all to dinner real soon!!!

Nathan – go here:
You will love this too! Got the tip-off from David Leite on Leite’s Culinaria this morning. Really fun.

Great find Karen – thanks!!!

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