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Another Etsy score and a framing dilemma

Posted on: April 3, 2009

Sigh. You all know I’m hooked on My ‘favorites’ list would take me an hour just to browse. But I thought I’d share another inexpensive art idea for Julia’s Friday Blog party at and ask for some opinions on my dilemma!

Here’s my latest score (less than $5.oo a piece), they may not to be to everyone’s taste, but I think they’ll make a nice addition to the ‘study‘, to finish off a very neglected corner beside Richard’s desk. I really bought these for him – since he loves ‘conquer the world’ computer games, I thought these would be fun and create a little theme.

Pages from a 1929 French Encyclopedia. Calvary regiments and their insignias from around the world.

Pages from a 1929 French Encyclopedia. Calvary regiments and their insignias from around the world.

But now I’m debating whether to mat these up in a 16″ x 20″ frame, which would mean I could only hang two beside his desk, or trimming the pages a smidge to have them fit into 9″ x 12″ frames. The larger frames with mats are certainly handsome. Here’s what I did with one of the images from (that the site where I got all of my inexpensive ready made frames for the dining room). I like their site because I can upload my images and visualize them in the frames. Take a look at the 16″x20″ with a mat:

I always add a little weight to the bottom of mattes - a habit I picked up in art school...

I always add a little weight to the bottom of mats - a habit I picked up in art school...

I really like these walnut frames – they are inexpensive and have a nice little corner detail at the miters. Of course the walnut may blend in too much on the mahogany walls, but maybe the bright white museum board mats may help them pop. Unfortunately, if I go the 9″x12″ route, I’ve got less choice in the frame styles (though I could look elsewhere I suppose). Here are the two options. I could hang four in a grid by his desk rather than two larger ones, matted one above the other.

Option number 1 with a linen inset... hmm.

Option number 1 with a linen inset... hmm.

Option number 2: These are the same frames I used in the dining room.

Option number 2

Option number two is from the same frame family I used in the dining room grouping. But I’m on the fence right now about my options. So – please let me know what you think. I’m leaning toward the walnut frames with the mats, but I welcome your opinions!

Happy Friday!

5 Responses to "Another Etsy score and a framing dilemma"

As much as I like the white mat idea, I vote for a grid of four and frame option 2.

I like a mat…they look more stately. Another idea would be to find some frames that are the right price and paint or stain them to a look you love!

I think these are really cool–and what a bargain for $5 apiece. My husband is into those “conquer the world” games, too, so now you’ve got me thinking! Something like this would look so cool in his home office.

I agree with BLAH BLAH BLAHger. And I think it’s interesting that you add more weight to the bottom of the mats. I’m going to keep that in mind for future reference–thanks!

I say this every time I’m here, but love your blog. Have a great weekend! :-)

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Hi Nathan,
Love the big mat – you can display two, and six months later put them away, and display the other two.
xo xo
PS Hope you and Richard are feeling better.

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