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Posted on: March 25, 2009

This Morning - On The Way Out The Door

Taken this morning, rushing on the way out the front door. 'Scuze my gym bag in the photo!

So this was my Sunday. Saturday was all mowing, and chopping, and bagging, and digging, and hauling. Sunday was much more fun: all shopping, and planning, and planting.

I made the rounds of my favorite garden centers around New Orleans (I was just going to buy a lemon and satsuma tree for the back yard – those have been on my list for a while). But then I found this Iceberg Climbing Rose waaaay in the back of the Perino’s (like they were hiding it from me amidst the Ajuga).

I knew I had a big empty pot by the front door which formerly contained a show-stopping magenta Bougainvillea – but I accidentally killed it when I tried to move the pot. The roots had grown out of the pot drainage hole and deep into my brick sidewalk. Bougainvillea (I have since learned!) is very senstitive to root damage. I snapped that tap root moving the pot and it completely went to pieces on me.

So Iceberg Rose goes on my garden cart… what else, what else? Needs something to grow on – hey look at these cute trellises! Trellis goes on the cart. And hey – look at these topiaries! These would look great in front of the door on the porch.

By this point, my cart is now impossible to see over. People are scurrying out of my way when they see me rolling their way.

Only one of the garden rooms at The Garden Gates

Only one of the garden rooms at The Garden Gates - This shot is from several years back. So much has changed since this photo was taken.

That was enough for me to have to explain to Richard for one store – so I proceeded down to my other favorite garden center in ‘Old Metairie’ called The Garden Gates. There are wonderful gifts to be found here and it is one of the most beautifully designed garden centers I have ever seen. I would pay money just to get in the door to look around – the design of the whole retail experience feels like an exclusive private garden.

I usually pick out my own stuff but one of the outgoing and friendly staff member called me out for looking ‘like a man on a mission’ and could he help me? He suggested mixing up some of the Lamb’s Ear I had been wanting for beneath the rose with some new varieties I hadn’t seen and even pointed up a Dwarf Cleome that would go nicely in another pot.

So I think it all came out… what do you say?

P.S. I know that this makes two rose posts in a month. I know I’m a guy. You must be thinking “Unless he thinks he’s P. Allen Smith or somebody, no man should be posting this much about roses.” I can’t help it – I’m a victim here! I don’t find them, they find me.

Ok - I'm a sucker for these

Ok - I'm a sucker for these. See the soft Lamb's Ear Below?

Dwarf Cleome. It better be dwarf!

Dwarf Cleome. It better stay dwarf! I'm suspicious.

10 Responses to "Front Door Grace Notes"

I suppose it’s about time I de-lurk. I absolutely adore your blog, your home, your yard, and you too! I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I literally sat and read every single post because I could not stop myself, it was all too good.

You are so creative and talented! And your home is just gorgeous! I was mentally planning some ways to perk up the front porch of my new house, and I love the way you have given such life to yours!

lovely. truly lovely.

The front of your home is so beautiful, I didn’t even notice the gym bag! And I love the iceberg rose–looks perfect there.

P.S. Thanks for the link to the Mike’s Marbleopolis skit. Too funny! I’d forgotten about that.

I’m always suspicious of ‘dwarf’ versions, too. Love the lamb’s ear!

Will I see you Saturday night at Valorie’s? I am so looking forward to being back home. I was in last week for a quick lunch at Ralph’s and then the RDX Razzle Dazzle had to hit the I-10 to rocket back home. I am thinking of staying over at the “crash pad” at the other end of Laurel by Valorie.

Your Iceberg rose is so exquisite. Since you have a passion for roses, have you checked out the New Dawn climbing rose and the delicate yellow Lady Banksia?

Great blog – thanks to Hooked on Houses, I discovered you!

I noticed that Eddie Ross is in The Big Easy this weekend and he is looking for insider tips on great flea markets, shops and restaurants.

I love your front door! The house numbers on the glass are beautiful! Just lovely. When can I come visit? :)

I love your blog, although we may respectfully disagree about Kindle. thanks for the suggestions. I certainly follow up on at least one of them.

**** So absolutely ENCHANTING!!! Thank yoU! Linda ****

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