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How did this happen?!?

Posted on: March 18, 2009

Whoa - How - Who - When did this happen?!?

Whoa!!! How - Who - When did this happen?!?

Nathan, really. (I imagine this in my mom's voice)

"Nathan. REALLY."

Ok. Much better. Keep an eye on that would ya?

Ok, better. Keep an eye on that would ya?

And keep an eye on this!

And keep an eye on this!

And don't forget this collection of piles? Got it?


Living with Lindsay is my de-cluttering inspiration today. I just wish my kitchen looked one ounce as fabulous as hers!


UPDATE: Everybody seems to be on the same page today…

Ballard Designer and Blogger James Swan posts today Bail-out Decorating Part III –  The Big Clean:

A good quote from Swan, Unless it is a substantial furniture piece, an important sculpture, or an aging family member it does not belong on the floor of our home.

7 Responses to "How did this happen?!?"

That gave me the giggles today!

Ha ha we are totally on the same wavelength today. I still haven’t started cleaning. Umm I gave myself 30mins to read blogs and we are now nearing 2 hours of blog reader. Ok must get off computer and clean up mess that I call my home office!

Hi, Laurel, so nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by. Looks like we hang out with a lot of the same bloggers. My cabinet is looking SO good, can’t wait to show it to all of you!

it’s a battle that we all fight. you’re a brave soul to post the ‘before’ images. lol.

LOVING that quote from James Swan! I may have to frame it and put it on my husband’s bedside table. LOL

I’m also glad my kitchen can be inspiring to you. I’ve been out of town for a while, so I can’t imagine how my kitchen is going to look when I get back home – I left my husband at home to fend for himself!

Laurel street, you wanted to know my favorite hotel liquidator where I got the chair I did the faux tortoiseshell treatment on at optimism and white paint. It’s Canal Hotel Liquidator, which is actually on Tulane ave. right before it crosses carrollton and becomes Airline. It’s bright green with a huge sign. The prices are pretty cheap, but the merchandise varies in quality. It’s one of those places that you have to visit regularly, but there are definitely some diamonds in the rough to be found. According to one of the pull who work there, they will be acquiring a large inventory in the next few months from some Quarter hotels that are renovating. Sorry if I’m being an enabler, but I love sharing sources.

Nathan! What a surprise to see my postcards on the fridge! Even with the clutter (yea, right) they looked splendid darling…btw, an interesting golden bamboo magnetic frame you may like at my shop…also love those pure white roses!

xx lulu

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