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Wildly Off Topic – I {Heart} Kindle

Posted on: March 16, 2009

I borrowed a friend’s Kindle 1.0 a few months back for a weekend. I thought it was a little flitchety – a few industrial design problems that were well documented by the reviewers on However, I loved that I could just download sample chapters of books, anything that tickled my fancy. If one took hold of my imagination, I could buy it instantly.

I read widely – across many different subjects. And I love books – as a former member of P.O.E.M. (Professional Organization of English Majors). And I re-read books – I revisit Brontë’s novels every few years and I consider Moby Dick a real page turner (yes, I am that geek).

But mostly, I read a LOT of lighter fare. I love mysteries and historical novels – and I’ve got two large boxes of paperbacks in the attic that would never make it to my bookshelves (ahem – out and out low brow stuff).

So enter Kindle 2.0 – something I’ve waited patiently for (it’s very unusual for me to wait patiently for anything). Since we’ve been saving up for the new stove, I really haven’t splurged on anything personal in a while – even most of my house projects are pretty modest.

So when I said to Richard, “I really want to get a Kindle.” I expected eye-rolling.

But he said, “Well, duh! Of course you do. Get it!”

Due to the copious rain we had this weekend, only about 1/4 of my outside projects I planned got accomplished. So I had a lot of time to read on my front porch, listening to the rain and really appreciate what a fine device  Amazon has made.

The Kindle just completely disappears when you use it – you don’t even think “I’m reading an electronic book.” You just read.

Unboxing pics – please excuse the messy desk at my office:

Yay! Kindle is here!

Yay! Kindle is here!

Eco-Friendly, clever packaging.

Eco-Friendly, clever packaging.

It is really light - lighter than a paperback.

It is really light - lighter than a paperback.

A chapter from "Predictable Irrationality" on procrastination. I'll read that one later.

A chapter from "Predictable Irrationality" on procrastination. I'll read that one later.

2 Responses to "Wildly Off Topic – I {Heart} Kindle"

I’m a crazy reader, too, and have considered something like this before!!! Glad you splurged and decided to treat yourself after all the hard work! You deserve it! I deserve a milkshake and am just about to go grab one! : )

I’m intrigued… but so hesitant to make the plunge into techno-book reading! Maybe a few more influences like this one and I’ll place an order!

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