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Golden Honeybees (and why I love

Posted on: February 26, 2009

Look at these beautiful plates!

Look at these beautiful plates!

Like everyone else, I’m crazy for Not only is the site filled with so many great hand-crafted objects and vintage finds, it’s a nice community site and every seller I’ve come across is thoughtful and creative.

I also love the emails the editors send out regularly that highlight great finds… they never stay in my inbox unopened for long. A few weeks ago, one of these emails featured a seller who caught my eye. When browsing her etsy shop and saw this set of three gold & black honey bee plates… there is no other word for it: I pounced!

In fact, there were so many other wonderful finds in the MadoniaBotanicals shop, I had to use great restraint to stick to my budget and just get the plates. Louise, the seller, has wonderful taste. In fact she’s got a few new things in the shop today… and I’m having to apply my restraint again.

Originally designed note cards from Louise

Originally designed note cards from Louise

But I must say, the plates are even better than that they looked in the store, and Louise packaged them in a beautiful presentation. When I opened the box this morning, the plates were all wrapped up in a pretty silken scarf, along with two thoughtful notecards of her own design and a fun little glass ornament.

In New Orleans we call that “Lagniappe,” which means a little something extra. It was a wonderful touch. Compared to the perfunctory packages I’ve received from eBay-ers over time, thoughtful Etsy sellers really stand out.

Little images I scanned and put in ready-made frames several years ago

Little images I scanned and put in ready-made frames several years ago. Nothing special.

Honey bees have a new home!

Honey bees have a new home!

Here are some other items I’m loving today in Louise’s MadoniaBotanicals shop – she’s having an art sale today!

Set of Fern Botanical Prints

Set of Fern Botanical Prints

Vintage Original Bird Painting

Vintage Original Bird Painting

And look at these wonderful pillows and prints Louise makes – all inspired by that great tropical Florida foliage:

Pokeweed on Hold Slip Cover

Pokeweed on Hold Slip Cover

Green Alligator

Green Alligator Pillow

Botanical Notecards

Botanical Postcards

8 Responses to "Golden Honeybees (and why I love"

And a Happy Birthday to me! Talk about great taste….Nathan stood out immediately when he purchased his first items from my shop and I’m thrilled to have him as a return customer. By far Etsy is the most elegant of the online community of artists. Ebay makes me feel like I’m going to Walmart! No insult intended but if I’m not going there in person why should I cyber shop there? Looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Nathan…

xxx lulu @ large

Hi and thanks for highlighting this great Etsy seller. Those plates are fabulous, and I’m going to take a look at her Etsy shop.

What a sweet person YOU are, too!


Oh, I love your bee plates! They make that corner something really special!
Your wall color is very similar to mine (although the rooms are different styles) — I hope you can visit and see!

I have a crush on your built-in bookcase. The plates are awesome!

Your plates are AMAZING! Great find!

How great! Your new plates look beautiful on your wall!

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